The Hustle Athlete Performance Summer Program is Now Accepting Applications

We’ll have your kids Stronger, Faster, and More Confident this Spring, Guaranteed!

Building Strong, Fast, & Confident Athletes Since 2014

The Program Begins June 12th

    The Winter session is one of the most popular sessions of the year and always sells out before it starts.
    We strongly encourage you to enter your information above to make sure your athlete doesn’t get locked out of the Winter block

    This program is for your child if:

    • They want to get better at sports but struggle because of lack of speed, strength or stamina.
    • They eat more junk food than healthy food and you need another voice to help them understand how important a healthy diet is during these developmental years.
    • They need to improve their confidence and you want them to start to get better at recovering from their mistakes.
    • They’re doing pretty good right now but want to take their performance in their sport to a higher level.

    Here’s what parents can expect to happen:

    They will get stronger which means when they show up to their sport they’ll be able to perform better than ever.

    They will run faster and jump higher so they can show up to their next season and people will start asking what the heck have they been doing.

    They’ll become more coordinated and improve agility which means they’ll pick up new skills their coaches teach them faster.

    Your children will start to eat better because we’ll be educating them daily on what’s good and what they should avoid…don’t be surprised if they start asking you to buy more vegetables.

    Confidence will skyrocket. When kids get stronger, faster and more fit…their confidence will rise…so will their self-esteem which means their performance in every aspect of life will get better.

    Their Mindset will Improve. We’re going to equip your child with very specific mindset skills that’ll help them learn how to transform how they think about mistakes and failures.



    Date: Program Starts June 12th
    Investment: Click Below for Early Bird Pricing
    The Age Groups:
    Day/Time: (Please click below to see times for each age group)
    Sessions available Monday-Thursday between 10am-7pm, Friday between 10am-12pm, and Saturday Morning at 10am
    All sessions are 50-60 minutes long
    Location: All sessions are held at Hustle Strength & Performance in Addison. 1010 West Fullerton Avenue Unit H

      What Happy Parents are Saying About Their Kids Results from Hustle…

      “Without the foundation of the Sports Performance program at Hustle, my daughter would not be where she is. She has dominated every sport she has played. She is not always the best-trained player on the court, but she is always one of the strongest, fastest and hands down, most confident, thereby allowing her to perform as the best player on the court. If you are hesitant to get your child started in a program, I would say that the boost in mental health, confidence, and injury prevention alone will make it all worthwhile.”
      -Jackie, Hustle Athlete Parent

      “My son is way quicker, jumps higher, and sets stronger. And most importantly, his confidence and attitude is through the roof!”
      -Tim Lally, Hustle Athlete Parent

      Hustle’s program is closely monitored and modified to ensure success, and Hustle provides guidance and growth to young athletes who strive to improve their bodies and minds, tailoring workouts to their specific needs, strengths, weaknesses, and desires. Hustle has helped my boys develop into amazing athletes and responsible young men who have more determination.”
      —Jen, Hustle Athlete Parent

      If you’re on the fence about placing your child athlete in a sports performance program, don’t be. It’s that simple. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain for your child. You will watch your child run faster than you ever have, jump higher, hit harder, and develop mental toughness that gets them through their game and their life. So, thank you Hustle Athlete Performance.  They say it takes a village, and I am glad that you are a part of mine.”
      —Danielle, Hustle Athlete Parent

      The coaches’ encouragement, praise, and dedication to Tommy has really benefited him all around. Tommy craves to be at Hustle! He is always motivated to go and excited for what his training will be. The best is when Tommy gets in the car after being at Hustle. He is always super excited about how much more he lifted, how his squats went, or how fast he moved.”
      —Katia, Hustle Athlete Parent